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99 Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on Your List

99 Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on Your List
zoom image99 Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on Your List 

99 Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on Your List

99 Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on Your List
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Stop purchasing those expensive gift baskets on each of those special occasions!

You CAN create terrific & unique gift baskets yourself for a fraction of the price!

We present to you this fabulous eBook: 99 Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Includes step-by-step instructions

Lists materials you'll need for each project

Easy navigation throughout the document

You are also granted full re-sell rights!

33 pages in all for Hours of FUN!

This incredible eBook will save you a fortune when the holidays come around!

Read on for more details!

Food & Drink
1. For the pasta lover
2. The sundae basket
3. For the cookie lover
4. Wine appreciation basket
5. For the chili lover
6. For those who make their own wine or beer
7. For the vegetarian
8. For someone who likes to BBQ
9. For someone who bakes
10. For the lover of spicy foods
11. A small twist on the usual coffee gift basket
12. For the chocolate lover
13. For the health food buff
14. Create a Chinese food basket

Sports & Athletics
15. For the golfer
16. For the sports enthusiast
17. For the skier
18. For the hiker
19. For someone who like to walk or jog
20. For the fisherman
21. For cyclists
22. For someone who works out at the gym

Craft Enthusiasts
23. For the crafter
24. For the craft enthusiast, how about a project in a basket?
25. For the woodworker
26. For the crochet or knitting enthusiast
27. For the crafter
28. For someone who sews
29. For the wood shop owner
30. For the painter
31. For someone who likes needlepoint

Pet Owners
32. For the dog lover
33. For someone who has or wants pet fish
34. For the cat lover
35. For the aquarium owner

Expectant Parents, Babies, Kids, and Teens
36. Create a kids coloring kit
37. For expectant parents
38. Make a kid's beach pack
39. For a baby
40. Create a kid's bath set
41. Create a kid's craft kit
42. For little students
43. For the teenaged girl

TV, Movie, and Music Buffs
44. For the soap opera fan
45. For the guitar player
46. For the music groupie
47. For the couch potato
48. For the musician
49. For the movie buff

Homeowners & Household
50. For the new home owner
51. Create a “stock-the-bar” package
52. Create a gadget collection
53. Create a bachelor's survival kit
54. Create a Christmas Decorating basket

Beauty, Personal Care, and Relaxation
55. Create a salon pack
56. Create a manicure kit
57. For someone who likes to lounge in the sun
58. Create a women's accessories basket
59. For the teenaged girl
60. For someone who is on their feet all day
61. How about a relaxation pack?
62. Create a men’s accessories basket

Business People and Travelers
63. For the one who loves their car
64. For the executive or the home-office owner
65. For someone who takes road trips
66. For the student or the home-office owner
67. For someone who travels by plane a lot
68. For someone who never has enough time

69. Create a rainy day basket
70. Create a winter fun pack
71. Create a New Year's Eve party pack
72. Create a night out in a basket
73. Create a night in
74. A basket for adults only

Games, Hobbies, and Interests
75. For the gardener
76. For the shutterbug
77. For the shop-aholic
78. For the computer buff
79. For the collector
80. Make a basket full of puzzles
81. For someone who likes games
82. For the computer game player
83. For the jigsaw puzzle lover
84. For the young at heart
85. For the electronics hobbyist
86. For someone who is into New Age
87. For campers
88. For the naturalist
89. For the letter writer
90. For the writer
91. For the mystery lover
92. For the sci-fi fan
93. Create a comedy pack
94. For the cowboy at heart

95. For grandparents who are far away
96. For just about anyone
97. Create a Christmas box
98. For the engaged couple
99. Finishing Touches for Christmas Baskets
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